What she wore when

July 28, 2009

What she wore when they met was a red shirt, grey high-waisted trousers  and green braces. He was wearing khakis and a pale denim shirt. A work shirt is what they’re called, though his work was all in his head, not his hands.

What she wore after he broke up with her after three months was a pair of socks and a diaphragm. She added a bathrobe when she opened the front door and pushed him out into the hall.

What she wore when they married two years later was a tea length gown from Paris, a pillbox hat with a tiny veil, white silk gloves and a look on her face that told anyone who knew her that she wanted the floor to open up and swallow her whole. She was walking in uneven steps down a long white runner that was slippery beneath the soles of her new pumps. Her parents flanked her, her father too tall to link arms comfortably, her mother a trembling burden on her right arm, all three of them breathing heavily as they failed to glide in step.

…to be continued.


2 Responses to “What she wore when”

  1. yasmina keynes Says:

    i love this – you have to continue this – it is amazing – why did you want the floor to swall you whole? I loved that last line. beautiful.

    in a funny way I wonder if you shouldn’t throw away all three big things in one smal piece – they are all worthy of a longer piece – but maybe you’re doing that as well?

  2. Joshua Says:

    Walking down the wedding aisle is completely terrifying, which is why they park the Bridegroom at the top. Walking too slow? walking in step with the music? Falling? tilting dangerously?

    Walking with a lead-lined coffin on your shoulder is even more tricky. If you doubt me then re-play the Lady Diana funeral. . . .

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