Michelle Shepherd-Barron writes in Britain and America.

13 Responses to “About Michelle Shepherd-Barron”

  1. annabel hollick Says:

    Enjoyed your blog… very freudian – the mouldy grapes…..

  2. tay cheek Says:

    I found the blog address. I read every word and studied every picture and it all made me miss you very much.

  3. tay cheek Says:

    i think I’ve done this once. but here go again

  4. Jeanne Perantoni Says:

    Brilliant…I see a book deal coming. We need a sharp-eyed American perspective on the foibles of life…British life.

  5. Paul Grunfeld Says:


    lovely to see you looking so pretty. Yes, you must be pretty pleased with those illustrations. Hockney meets Matisse. The writer whom I would adopt in a pst modern sense as my alter ego and totally write in the style of ONLY BECAUSE by adopting another persona it frees you to talk about other stuff like Barry Humphries and Dame Edna. The writer who would free me up is Georges Perec- Life a users Manual and the very excellent Species of Spaces and Other Pieces. Enjoy yourself in NY. Best , Paul

  6. Jenny Willans Says:

    Loved your latest too Michelle – have read them all – excellent sketches too – this is a must for my writing group xx

  7. Gwynneth Voyias Says:

    As another ‘foreigner’ on this soil, I so enjoy your blogs Michelle. Find myself laughing out loud – illustrations also wonderful. Keep going and I look forward to the book – how exciting!!

  8. John Lister Says:


    Keep up the good work!

    I like the light-hearted, airy tone of the stories. This autobiography in the form of short tales is a very clever way of building a nice, big picture of your life.

    A suggestion: I would sometimes like to know what the reaction to your outfit was under the circumstances, e.g., the all white stuff you wore when you met your future in-laws.

    Maybe the title should be “The Reversed Immigrant”.

  9. maureen young Says:

    Hey Michelle, met you ages ago in San Francisco, friend of Sheila, like your writing.

  10. Kimberley Tompkins Says:

    Love the two stories I’ve read so far, and I can’t wait to read the rest of them – I’ll be able to laugh aloud when I’m not in the middle of a busy office!

  11. Richard Drayton Says:

    It’s Richard!
    I’m sorry we have had to miss the drink.
    We took a cycle trip on the country and got lost. I didn’t have your phone or email then remembered the blog. I hope this works. Sorry again
    Richard Drayton

  12. Lynne Prather Says:

    Happy Birthday….one day late, but i did think of you yesterday. Have a great year. Write to me and let’s zoom/facetime/email/snailmail.

    • whatiwaswearing Says:

      O, how very nice to get your message. Perhaps appropriately, I was just thinking of you. How about a zoom this Sunday, say? Or name another day. Email me so we can set it up. My email is msb.consults@ntlworld.com. Would love to see you again. X

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